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Location scouting

We go to the area where you want to shoot to check the place, light, dimensions and points to place the cameras (POV)


We organize the shooting session with one or more video or cine cameras, wireless microphones and suitable lights. We also use licensed drones.


Editing with workstations that allow the rendering of detailed 3D elements and details. We offer decoding for every online platform, for broadcasting and projection in 4K, 6K, 8K and 12K.

The best videos for every occasion

Shooting and editing with 24bit high quality audio. Possibility of specific lighting to create suggestive settings. In the picture Maputo, Mozambique.

Our latest works

theathral show

The Exception & the Rule by Bertolt Brecht. Theatrical direction Walter Pagliaro, starring Micaela Esdra...


For the award to the director Leonardo Di Costanzo for the film Ariaferma with Toni Servillo and Silvio Orlando


Our Dante, for the festival Scrittori&giovani 2021 - Novara. Alessandro Barbero and Lucilla Giagnoni at Faraggiana Theater


Video for presentation: Un poeta sulle orme di Dante: Clemente Rebora". For the Centro Novarese di Studi Letterari.

Story teller

Books, activities, and some statements from the author of "Chimera," a 2015 Nobel Prize nominee.


How does a book for children get started ? The adventure of “The Frogs” collection by Interlinea of Novara in Italy . “The Frogs” are printed on ecological paper made.

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